Beach Rules

Our goal for everyone at Volleyball Beach in Ozark is to have fun with friends and family.  Whether you’re playing or just hanging out, we have some important house rules for you to know before you arrive.  

Game Rules

House Rules

• No outside food or drinks.
• No pets.
• No smoking or vaping inside the building, on the courts, or on the patio. Only in designated smoking areas.
• Players under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission and approval of VBO management.
• In 6s co-ed leagues only: A team must have as many females as males. You may have more females than males. 
• At VBO for 2s and 4s, we will follow FIVB beach rules and USA indoor for 6s.



We are a family-friendly establishment. We hope that all players keep that in mind when playing. Games may become intense, but you can still maintain competitiveness while observing good sportsmanship and behavior. Any behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from either a game, a league, or Volleyball Beach.


All games should be self-officiated. Call your own nets, lifts, bad sets, double hits, etc. Avoid making the other team call you on a bad play. Any disagreement should be settled by replaying the point. 

Match Rules

• Each match begins at the scheduled time. All teams should arrive early to the volleyball check-in desk (located outside on the patio). Here you will also be able to checkout a volleyball to warm-up and for game play.
• Each match consists of three games to 21, rally scoring (no cap). If you lose the first two games, you still play the third game. Every game counts towards the Tournament of Legends!
• Rock, paper, scissors for serve. The winner will serve first. For the 2nd game the other team serves first. The 3rd game, loser of the 2nd game serves first.
• Each team is permitted one 30-second timeout per game.
• Only the acting team captain is permitted to question a call.

Roster Rules

• All players must sign a waiver. Teams may have as many players on the roster as they want.
• Management reserves the right to ask a team to change their name if it’s overly offensive or inappropriate.
• At Volleyball Beach in Ozark for the Tournament of Champions (TOC), you may only have two subs and must have at least four original players from your league night roster playing. You can only play on one team in TOC. Competitive players are not allowed to play down, in recreation.

Rotation & Service

• 6s all players must rotate clockwise. 4s and 2s do not have to rotate.
• Foot faults, on the serve, your foot cannot contact the line or go under the line.
• 6s back row players may not attack, there is an “invisible” 10ft line. 2s and 4s no player is considered back row. All players may attack the ball.

Net Play

• You may reach over the net to block an attack; however, you may not make contact with the ball before your opponent.
• Serves cannot be blocked or attacked at the net by the receiving team.
• You may NOT touch the net anytime during play. This is a net violation. When a ball is driven into the net, causing it to touch an opponent no fault is committed.
• Any serve that touches the net and goes over is playable unless it lands out of bounds.
You may go under the net, providing there is no interference or contact with the opposing team.
• Any ball above the net is fair game for both teams, even if most of the ball is on one side or the other. Reaching over the net to block a bump or a set is prohibited.

Ball Contact & Hits


• Players are not permitted to scoop, hold, or throw the ball in 2s and 4s or 6s. The ball must not visibly come to rest on the player’s hands, fingers, or any other part of the body. 


• 2s and 4s any ball that is intentionally set into the opponent’s court must be contacted with two hands above the shoulders, and set directly forward or backward (perpendicular) in relation to the player’s body. This does not apply to 6s.

NOTE: This is an advanced striking technique. We recommend it only being used by advanced players. 

Rotation of a set ball may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set but in itself is not a fault.

Ball Receiving: 

• You may use any part of your body to contact the ball during a match.  Kicking the ball is NOT allowed. 

• In 2s and 4s, it is a fault on the first ball, if you use your fingers to direct the ball, UNLESS the ball is hard-driven.  If the ball is hard driven, a double contact is allowed and such a set doesn’t be “pretty” on hard-driven balls, a momentary lift is permissible as is a double contact. 

• When determining if the ball is hard driven one should ask “did the defender have time to play the ball in any other fashion?”

• You may serve receive with your hands in 2s, 4s, and 6s.  In 2s and 4s your fingers must be rigid and together.  (Your hands DO NOT have to be together or touching)  

• Double contact on the ball is allowed only on the first ball over; double contacts must be all in one motion and unintentional in terms of making the play. (with the exception of a block) Example:  The ball is served and the player makes contact with the ball, the ball bounces up and contacts the player again, no fault is committed.  

Tips & Dinks:

• NO “open hand dinks” or “tips” are allowed in 2s and 4s. Alternatives include palms, heel of the hand, locked straight fingers, knurled fingers, or the back of the hand.  An open hand roll shot is legal. Tips and dinks are allowed in 6s.  


• In 2s, 4s, and 6s, a player blocking a spike onto his/her side may contact the ball once more. 

• Doubles a block counts as a hit and the team will have two more hits to return the ball. 

• You may reach over the net to block a hit; however, you may not make contact with the ball before your opponent.  You may not reach over the net and block a pass or set. 

6s in General:

• All of the above rules will apply to 6s leagues, regardless of the level of play. However, given many players joining 6s leagues are first-timers or simply “recreational” players, the enforcement of these rules is much more relaxed. Beginning or recreational players in 6s leagues should make every attempt to follow the rules and adopt proper techniques of play and more experienced players in 6s leagues should make every attempt to have a good time when rules are not being followed on the other side of the net.

More Rules

• In the dome you may play the ball off the dome or lights if the ball is on your side.
• The ball is out if it touches the antenna or is played outside the antenna. The ball is in if it touches the line.
• 6s, if your team has 4 or less players your team will still play. However, if you have more males than females and the other team’s captain is okay with counting the wins or losses we don’t care, if they don’t care. Both teams must agree that the games will count. If the other team does not agree they will count as losses for the team short players. However, you will still play your scheduled games. Basically you are playing no matter what! There are always players looking to play!


We will make every effort to play all scheduled games unless cancelling is absolutely necessary. Rain, snow, cold weather we will NOT cancel games!  We will cancel games for lighting and tornado warnings.  In the event of a cancellation we will notify players via text message. If a game is canceled we do our best to reschedule that game.  

If your team has to cancel a game it will NOT be rescheduled.  Please contact us as soon as possible and our staff will help you find replacements.