Asked Questions

Is Volleyball Beach open during winter?

Yes! Step into the largest indoor beach volleyball facility in the U.S.A from mid-October to May. We have a 40,000-square-foot heated dome over 10 sand courts for leagues and tournaments.

Can we play at Volleyball Beach Ozark if we are not in a league?

Yes, open court time will vary depending on leagues, tournaments, and practices.  However, there will be lots of opportunities for open play.  The cost will be $10 for a drop-in, or you can purchase a Beach Pass for $30 a month.  

What should I wear for beach volleyball?

If you fly to the coast you will find most players in swim trunks and bikinis. However, most beach players in the Midwest wear shorts and tank tops, depending on the season. Both are acceptable, but just keep in mind we are a family-friendly establishment.

Can younger kids play beach volleyball (ages 6-12)?

Yes! Not only are children welcome at the beach, but we also encourage the whole family to come out. At VBO we want families to have a great time and not worry about the little ones being bored or injured. We do not offer childcare but will have a designated place where children can have fun in the sand too. So leave the phones and tablets in the car! Let your kids play outside and get sandy!

Can I have a party at Volleyball Beach?

Party on! We love hosting parties at the beach! From birthday parties and graduations to wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, and more, we welcome any and all occasions so long as you plan on having FUN. You’ll have access to one court or ten with a bar and restaurant. Each venue will be unique to your event, so contact us to plan your next party at the beach!

Can we come watch if we are not playing?

Absolutely! We serve food and drinks daily at VBO! Come hang-out on the patio with friends and family while teams serve it up in the sand!

Are pets and outside food & drinks allowed?

Sorry, no pets allowed. We love furry friends, but to maintain our facility and for the safety of others, please do not bring pets to our facility. No outside food or drinks are allowed on the premises. You don’t bring food or drinks to a restaurant or bar when dining out. We have food and drink options for everyone at VBO. The exception to this rule is only for junior players who are here for practices or tournaments; they may bring water only to stay hydrated.