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5 Amazing Benefits of Joining a Sand Volleyball League

Looking to get out of the house, meet new people and improve your health? Look no further than Volleyball Beach in Ozark, MO! Our year-round volleyball leagues offer all of these benefits and more. 

In this post, Volleyball Beach in Ozark, MO, explains five excellent benefits of joining a sand volleyball league. 

1. Meet New People

If you’re a social butterfly or just someone looking to expand your friend circle, joining a sand volleyball league is a great idea. 

You can invite a few of your friends to form a team, and you will meet opposing team members and other volleyball enthusiasts along the way. 

Enjoy socializing with other sand volleyball players before and after games, and take advantage of our delicious food and drink offerings to extend your bonding time. 

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2. Improve Your Health

Joining a sand volleyball league means high-quality exercise regularly. Sand volleyball offers unique health benefits due to the sandy court, which challenges your muscles and balance. 

The basic movements of volleyball include squatting and jumping to keep the ball in the air. You’re also using upper-body strength to set and spike the ball. These movements contribute to improved strength, muscle tone, and agility. 

Sand volleyball is also an excellent cardio exercise. The constant movement keeps your heart rate up, burning plenty of calories. 

3. Hone Your Volleyball Skills

If you’re used to playing volleyball on a traditional court, joining a sand volleyball league will take your skills to the next level. 

Playing on sand presents a unique challenge for your body and mind as you attempt to maneuver through it and keep your balance. Because the sand slows you down, you’ll find yourself quicker and more agile when you return to a regular court. 

4. Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Volleyball, like any sport, requires you to utilize hand-eye coordination skills. Volleyball is truly about timing–you’ve got to be ready for when the ball comes your way, think quickly on your feet, and perform the proper movement to get the ball going in the right direction. 

Even if you’ve never played before, our recreational leagues are a fun and laid-back way to start improving your skills. 

5. Boost Your Mental Health

Joining a sand volleyball league is a fantastic way to boost your mood regularly. Being a part of a team increases your sense of social connectedness and helps you build relationships with people who can provide support. 

Engaging in cardio and strength training helps increase blood flow to your brain, and playing in a league will give you a weekly boost. 

Join a League at Volleyball Beach

If you’re ready to enjoy the physical, mental and relational benefits of a sand volleyball league, grab your friends and head to our Ozark, MO location to sign your team up today. Come and visit us in person, contact us online or give us a call at 417-771-9330.