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Beach Volleyball FAQs

If this is your first time playing beach volleyball, you probably wonder how it differs from traditional indoor volleyball. Volleyball Beach answers some frequently asked questions about beach volleyball.

What are the main differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball?

There are several important differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball that affect the way the game is played.

Court size

In beach volleyball, the court is significantly smaller. A typical indoor court is 60’ long by 30’ wide, while beach courts are 52’ long by 26.25’ wide.

Attack Line

In indoor volleyball, the attack line is 10’ from the net, and back-row players are not allowed to hit the ball in front of that line. On a beach court, there is no attack line, meaning anyone can attack the net.

Team Size

Indoor volleyball teams consist of six players per side, three in the front row and three in the back row. Each position has a specific function in the game. Beach volleyball, however, is traditionally played with two players on each team who are free to move around and perform different positions. This is made possible by the smaller court size.


An indoor volleyball match consists of five games, with the winning team being the first to reach 25 points in each game. A team must win three of the five games to be declared the winner. If a tie-breaking fifth game is played, the winning team must only score 15 points.

In beach volleyball, a match consists of three games, and a team must win two games to win the match. The scoring is also slightly different because the winning team is the first to score 21. In the 3rd game, the teams only play until 15 points.

Is the ball size the same?

No, beach volleyballs are larger, softer, and lighter than indoor volleyballs. Indoor volleyballs are harder and are made to hit the ground more quickly. Since beach volleyballs are lighter, they float a little better, giving the players extra time to cover more ground to get to them, which is important since sand doesn’t quite give you the same traction or footing as a wooden indoor court.

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Why do some teams only have two players?

Beach volleyball can be played with teams of two, four, or six. Since beach volleyball courts are smaller, it is easier for two players to cover the entire court than it would be on a hard court.

Traditionally, two-player teams began when makeshift games were put together on the beach. Not everyone invited would show, so players had to make do with what they had, and sometimes that was only a team of two. Professional beach volleyball teams often have just two players.

How many touches are allowed per side?

Each team is allowed three touches to get the ball back over the net. A player cannot hit the ball more than once in a row. It has to be hit the second time by another teammate.  If the team fails to pass it over in three touches, the other team gets the point and gets to serve. 

Is a block considered a touch?

A block is considered one of the three touches allowed per side. After the block, the team only has two more touches to get the ball back over the net. On a block, however, the player who performed the block is allowed to drop back and hit the ball again for the second touch. 

What do you wear for beach volleyball?

It is best to wear cool, breathable clothes to play beach volleyball because you will be moving a lot and working up quite a sweat. Simple tank tops and shorts are a common choice. Players are also typically barefoot because you can’t run in shoes in the sand. If you are playing on hot outdoor sand, you can find sand socks to protect your feet while helping you to keep your traction.

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