Group of friends playing sand volleyball barefoot

Do You Need Shoes for Sand Volleyball?

On a traditional indoor volleyball court, it is important to wear sturdy, supportive tennis shoes. These shoes must grip the court and support your ankles while running and jumping on a hard surface.

Beach volleyball courts are different. Instead of a hard, flat surface, you are playing on rough, uneven sand. Sand can shift and sink as you step into it, so your feet need to move quickly without sliding.

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Do You Have to Wear Shoes?

It is not mandatory to wear shoes to play beach volleyball. Many players choose to play barefoot in the sand. Being barefoot is easier for some because it allows them to move quickly, and having a shoe or sandal can slow you down as it slips or fills with sand.

When Do You Need Footwear?

There are instances where it might be beneficial to cover your feet during a beach volleyball game.

For Volleyball Beach’s indoor sand courts, heat from the sun is not a problem. But if you are playing outdoors, sand sitting under direct sunlight can be impossible to play on barefoot. Have you ever walked across scorching hot sand on the beach? It’s not really fun. Also, if you are playing in an area with a lot of rocks, having a pair of shoes on will help protect your feet from injury.

Another good reason to wear sand volleyball shoes is if you need better gripping or traction. Having appropriate footwear can improve your reaction times and keep you from sliding. If you are struggling with running or jumping on the sand, the right footwear can make a difference.

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What Can I Wear?

One of the best footwear options for sand volleyball shoes is sand socks. These lightweight, fitted booties come in a variety of brands and protect your feet from hot temperatures while also giving you a better grip. The fitted material keeps sand out, so it won’t weigh you down while running or jumping. Typically, sand socks are made of a neoprene or lycra material with a rubber sole.

Indoor Sand Courts at Volleyball Beach

Volleyball Beach in Ozark, Missouri, offers 10 full-sized sand volleyball courts covered under our giant dome. Join us for leagues, tournaments, or just some friendly open play. We also have an on-site bar and grill where you can enjoy food, drinks, and occasional live music. Contact us today or call us at 417-771-9330 for more information.