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What Sand Volleyball Gear Do I Need to Play Outside?

Thanks to Volleyball Beach Ozark’s incredible dome, you can play indoor beach volleyball year-round. Traditionally, though, most beach volleyball is played outside, so it’s important to know what volleyball gear you will need for those games. 

Volleyball Beach lists the most important volleyball gear you need for a sand volleyball game outdoors.


Sunscreen is perhaps your number one item to remember before a game in the sun. Wearing sunscreen on exposed skin is an excellent way to prevent sunburn, which can happen even on days that don’t seem particularly sunny. UV rays can penetrate light cloud cover and bounce back up off the sand.


Protecting your eyes is just as important as protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection will also make it easier to see the ball as you constantly look upward on a bright day. There is also likely to be a glare on the sand and any water around. Sunglasses also work as a good eye shield as sand starts getting thrown around.

Proper Clothing

What you need to wear depends significantly on how casual the game is and the weather outside. If you are just playing with friends and will also be swimming, you can wear a swimsuit while you play. For a hot day, most players choose loose, breathable clothing like a tank top and shorts. If the weather is chilly, leggings and a long-sleeved shirt are appropriate.

Layering is often a smart idea so that clothes can be added or removed based on the temperature. Be sure to layer your clothing with sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

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Protective Footwear

When playing sand volleyball, many players opt to go barefoot because shoes can be clunky and weigh you down in the sand. Moving quickly through the sand is an integral part of the game.

For outdoor sand volleyball, however, footwear can be tricky because on an extremely hot, sunny day, walking barefoot on the sand can feel equivalent to walking on the sun. Being barefoot just might not be an option. Luckily there has been a product invented for this very purpose: sand socks. Sand socks are fitted booties that protect your feet while still giving you traction in the sand.

Outdoor Beach Volleyball at Volleyball Beach Ozark

At Volleyball Beach, our 10 sand courts can be played indoors or outdoors, depending on the time of year. Our indoor sand volleyball courts are open year-round, and you can stay after the game and enjoy delicious food, drinks, and occasional live music on our beautiful patio.
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