Indoor sand volleybal courts at Volleyball Beach Ozark

The Benefits of Indoor Sand Volleyball Courts

When driving through Ozark, Missouri, it’s hard to miss the giant white dome that covers Volleyball Beach’s sand courts. Volleyball Beach Ozark is the largest indoor sand volleyball facility in the United States.

At Volleyball Beach in Ozark, we have seen the benefits of indoor sand courts, and we love that we can bring these to our customers.

Indoor Sand Courts Allow for Year-Round Games

Sand volleyball is typically considered a summer sport, and for a good reason. Sand is generally found at the beach, where warm weather allows for comfortable gameplay. Players usually tackle the game with shorts and bare feet. No one really wants to brave the snow to get a round of sand volleyball in!

But having the sand courts indoors means you aren’t restricted to summer-only games in Southwest Missouri. Indoor temperatures can be controlled and kept at comfortable levels, allowing gameplay anytime. Freezing temps and icy conditions? No problem! You can still come to play in the sand.

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Indoor Sand Courts Keep Out the Weather

Another major plus to having your sand courts indoors is that games, leagues, and tournaments will not be affected by the weather. A court may take days to recover from heavy rainfall, so keeping it covered keeps the players happy and games from being delayed.

And it doesn’t just keep out the rain. Indoor courts provide relief from the hot sun in the summer, strong winds that affect the ball and net, and snow (or ice) in the winter.

Indoor Courts Provide Privacy

A downfall for some is that outdoor courts are often wide-open for every casual bystander to see. Having friendly games or tournaments indoors keeps out unwanted spectators and limits who has access to games. While crowds may not bother some players, others find privacy more relaxing and enjoyable.

And at Volleyball Beach, there is also the plus side of being attached to an indoor bar and grill, so after some friendly gameplay, you and your team can sit and talk while enjoying cold drinks and wings, burgers, or pizza.

Volleyball Beach in Ozark, Missouri 

If you are looking for competitive sand volleyball leagues or just a great place to hang out with friends, come to Volleyball Beach in Ozark, Missouri! Our indoor sand volleyball courts are open year-round, and you can stay and enjoy delicious food, drinks, and occasional live music on our beautiful patio.
For more information about sand volleyball, sponsored or corporate events, leagues, or tournaments, visit us in person,  contact us online, or give us a call at 417-771-9330.