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Jump Conditioning Exercises for Beach Volleyball

A good vertical jump is an important part of sand volleyball. You need a powerful jump at the net to block a hit, effectively spike the ball, and perform a jump serve, among other moves. So what do you do if your vertical jump just isn’t where you need it to be?

At Volleyball Beach in Ozark, we have some great jump conditioning exercises to help strengthen your legs and improve your game.

How Do I Measure My Jump?

To get a good idea of how high your vertical jump is, stand flat-footed on a hard surface (like a gym or concrete floor) and reach up the wall with your hands. Draw the line at the tips of your fingers to show how high your standing reach is (chalk is often effective and erasable if needed).

Once that is determined, jump as high as your can from a standing position and land back on your feet. Draw another line at the highest point that your fingers reach while jumping. Measure the distance between the two lines to get your standing jump.

Even if you are not trying to achieve a particular jump height, it is important to see where you are before you start conditioning so you can effectively see if your jump height has improved over time.

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Jump Conditioning Exercises

So what are some easy exercises to improve your jump on the court? There are several you can even do at home or make part of your regular exercise routine.

Hitting Drills

It only makes sense that practicing jumping up to spike the ball will help your vertical jump. Run hitting drills where you practice your approach, jump, then hit the ball over the net. Have a teammate toss or set the ball for you as you run the drill.

Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great way to get cardio exercise and work up a sweat, and also a great way to build leg strength. It is easy to do and can even be done at home. Make it fun by listening to music and jumping to the beat.


Anything that builds up leg muscle will likely help your vertical jump. You can squat your own weight and make it part of an aerobic routine, or you can hit up the gym and use weights. Be sure to use a spotting partner at the gym.

Box Jumps

Box jumps are just like they sound and are used for building leg and core strength. 

  • Stand in front of a firm box or platform. 
  • Bend your knees into a squat position
  • Swing your arms back, and use them to help you launch your body upward. 
  • Land on the box or platform with both feet, and then jump back down. I

It is a good idea to start out low to see what you can do and to only use firm, safe surfaces. Many gyms have heavy boxes available for this exercise.

Lateral Jumps

Jump from side to side, either jumping off one foot and landing on the other or jumping with both feet and landing on both. Try to increase the distance between jumps.


Burpees combine squats, jumps, and pushups. Do a squat, then flatten your body into a plank and do up pushup. Jump your legs back into the squat position and launch yourself up into a jump.

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