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How to Jump Serve in Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is emerging as one of America’s favorite recreational outdoor sports. It is great both for beginners just looking for a new way to stay healthy and socialize, and advanced players looking for a competitive edge. Wherever you categorize yourself, it is always more fun to learn new skills.

One skill that can help boost your game is the jump serve, and Volleyball Beach is here to explain how it’s done.

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What is a Jump Serve?

If you are new to volleyball, a serve is when the team in possession of the ball begins a new rally by hitting the ball over the net and putting it into play. There are a few ways to serve the ball, and most typically, it is tossed up by the player and then smacked overhead over the net.

With a jump serve, the ball is tossed higher than a regular serve, about 6 to 8 feet in the air, giving the player enough time to take a few steps and jump up to meet the ball and hit it over.

What Makes a Jump Serve More Powerful?

With a normal overhead serve, a player tosses the ball up with their non-dominant hand then strikes it with the other. The power typically comes from the motion of their arm and upper body muscles. 

With a jump serve, however, the ball is often tossed up by the hand it will be hit with, then the player takes a few steps and launches themselves forward using their entire body to impact the ball. Balls hit by a jump serve are often faster and more difficult for the other team to effectively pass back over the net.

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How Do You Jump Serve in Beach Volleyball?

In beach volleyball, a jump serve is performed the same as on a regular volleyball court. A right-handed player would stand with the ball in their right hand and right foot forward. The ball needs to be tossed high and forward, allowing the player to take 2 to 3 quick steps and then launch themselves forward to make contact with the ball.

A serve must be done behind the service line, and cannot be redone, so the hit must be done correctly on the first attempt. A jump serve tends to be more difficult to do on sand than on a flat court, however; this is because the sand makes it more difficult to move quickly, jump higher, and stay evenly balanced on the jump. 

It is a more advanced skill that requires a bit of practice, but when done correctly can give you a leg-up on your opponents.

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