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The Top 3 Exercises to Improve Your Sand Volleyball Game

Sand Volleyball is a fun and challenging sport requiring strength and agility. Getting more experience on the sand volleyball court is crucial, but you can also do key exercises off the court to supercharge your performance. 

The ideal sand volleyball exercise regimen includes upper and lower body strength training, as well as agility training. 

Volleyball Beach Ozark shares three essential exercises to help you improve your sand volleyball game. 

1. Ball Slams to Improve Serving and Spiking

Serves and spikes are some of the most exciting power moves in sand volleyball. But how do you train for these unique movements? 

Ball slams utilize your shoulders, arms, and abs and mimic the downward motion of spiking and serving. 

Ball slams involve holding a weighted medicine ball over your head and thrusting it downward to complete one repetition. The number of reps you should do depends on your current health, fitness level, and goals. Always start lower and gradually work your way up to avoid injury.

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2. Jump Squats to Improve Jump Height and Leg Strength

Jumping and squatting are two fundamental movements in sand volleyball–why not combine them for the perfect conditioning exercise?

Jump squats are performed by squatting with your hands by your sides and then exploding upward, jumping with your toes pointed and pelvis forward, then landing softly and using the momentum to dip down for your next rep. 

Performing jump squats regularly will tone and strengthen the muscles you use while jumping on the court, including your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

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3. Agility Drills for Better Balance and Reflexes

One of the most challenging aspects of sand volleyball is learning to maneuver through sand quickly and effectively. Playing in sand naturally slows down your movements, so performing drills for agility will help increase your speed. 

There are different drills you can choose from:

Box drills: These drills improve agility and mental focus and involve jumping in and out of boxes (usually a rope or cloth ladder laid flat on the ground) in a chosen pattern. 

Lateral shuffle: This exercise, done in the sand, involves setting up two markers 15-20 feet apart and shuffling sideways between them, back and forth. It mimics very common movements during sand volleyball.  

Sand Sprints: These exercises involve placing markers in the sand and running back and forth between them. This helps you practice acceleration, pivoting, and stopping and increases your speed through the sand. 

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